JMMG Tools are a useful tool collection for your web browser.

JMMG Tools – Help

Calendar Functions

Here you will find numerous functions for calculating dates.

Character Map

Here you will find a selection of alphanumeric characters. Some of them are difficult or impossible to access via the keyboard. Tap or click a character to copy it to the clipboard.


Displays an analog clock.

Color Mixer

A color mixer for RGB colors.

Compare Length Measurements

Here you can compare two lengths and determine their mean value.

Convert Units

Here you can convert values between different units, for example kilometers to miles or degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

Measure Route

Here you can measure the route that you have covered. The function requires very precise position data. If the reception of the position data should be interrupted in the meantime, the function adds the straight line distance between the last measured point and the current point when position data will be received again.

My Device

Here you can find information about your device and, among other things, which operating system and which web browser you are using. The user agent string of the web browser serves as the basis for some of the information.

My IP Address

Find out the IP address with which you are on the Internet.

My position

Find your location here and show the distance to large cities. Measure the direct distance between two points by saving your current location as your starting point, then go to the second point. For example, save your home as a starting point and see how far you are from it when you are on the move.

Play Sound Frequency

Plays a sound in a certain frequency.

Show Ratio

Here you can visualize ratios (e.g. 1:10000).


You can measure time with the stopwatch. If required, the reference data contains data relating to the measured time, for example which distance is covered at a certain speed within the measured time.

Text Editing

Here you can edit text and, for example, convert it to upper or lower case. Insert or write an existing text using the clipboard. If necessary, you can switch off the spell check of your operating system. After editing the text, copy it back to the clipboard so that you can use it in another application.

View File

Here you can view the content of files as text. The files will be opened on your device and will not be transmitted to us.

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